If only I had more time

I find myself thinking that so often. Right now I serve as the Executive Director of SynerVision Leadership Foundation, I teach adjunct at Spring Hill College, and I am working with an amazing group of community leaders to bring innovation and entrepreneurship structure to my new hometown of Mobile, AL (not to mention other volunteer work that I do).IMG_20140508_073843

(Places like this do help the process. Taking time to reflect and enjoy your surroundings are helpful)

Still, it bothers me when I think about all of the other projects (including this website) that I just can’t seem to spend my emotional and mental capital in more places. The truth is, we all want to do more. The organization you work for wants to, the school that you attend desires to, and you wish you could – but the reality is, we all have to be strategic about what we choose to do, otherwise we will be spinning our wheels.

If you are like me, this is a really hard lesson, I mean REALLY! So rather than just whine about the problem, sit down and write out your list. Choose five things that you feel that you can really invest yourself in. No more than five. No cheating…and if you can’t come up with five – open your eyes to all the possibilities that are out there. Why five, because that it just makes sense – trust me, or don’t (I mean you only have five fingers on a hand…it was just meant to be – and no, don’t tell me you have two hands…I know that but really when you start to go to the second hand for anything do you really remember it, no…I didn’t think so!)

Go forth and invest yourself wisely!

Finding time for Silence


If you are like me (which is a scary thought) then you probably find yourself running from one commitment to another, sprinkling in just enough mindless social media, hobby participation, and sleep to reach the allotted 24 hours of a day. What is often missing is silence.

Regularly as I drive, prepare for the day, and even engage downtime I am listening to audio books, music, or caring for needed phone conversations. In fact, silence at most comes in 5 minute increments. So, it is no surprise that I find myself with an overstuffed brain as I prepare to down-shift.

For much of the world, this is the Holy Week. Celebration of Passover for Jews and the Death and Resurrection of Jesus for Christians (and frankly life in general for others) necessitate that we force a stop of the busyness that runs our lives and slow down enough to examine our beliefs, values, celebrations, faith, inner-nature, etc.

This weekend, please – stop, breathe, examine. You will understand who you are better when you do!