The reality is, I know a little bit about a little bit of what is actually taking place in the world. Trying to pretend like I am an expert on all things is foolish, so here is a place to check out others who know much more about their content-matter than I do.


  • LDRLB – Check out the podcasts with great authors and thought leaders.
  • The Accidental Creative – Great series of blogs, podcasts, books, and other information about engaging creativity.
  • IDEO – The go-to firm for creativity and innovation in the business world.

Strengths-based approach

  • TMBC – A leader in the strengths revolution, now engaging a holistic approach to strengths-based understanding for leaders and their teams.
  • Gallup Strengths Center – The original with the research and the validation that has been proven to stand the test of time.


  • Work-Design Magazine – Focusing on the integration of design and function for organizations of all types.

Organizational Culture

  • OfficeVibe – Gamification allows your team-members to engage healthy activities with fun competition. Also, high-quality blogs!
  • SynerVision Leadership Foundation – This organization serves nonprofits and religious institutions through a collaborative environment of engagement.

What do you think?

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