Todd Greer (a.k.a the Teamwork Doc – aren’t self-given nicknames great!?!) is a servant, a coach, a leader and a team member looking to positively impact the world.

After 15 years of on-the ground work in nonprofits (churches, higher ed. institutions, sports leagues, and membership associations), building capacity through communications, team engagement, and leadership development, Todd sought to engage a wider audience  with his passion for development, innovation, athletics, and socialView More: http://commonsparkmedia.pass.us/greer_family_2014 benefit. His mission in life is to grow others through the engagement of their “sweet spot” where they can thrive in families, teams, organizations, and especially as people. This site is all about examining the world around us, our own circles of influence, and our personal way of being.

Todd and his wife, Chelsea, reside in Mobile, AL along with their daughter. The Greers are a crazy bunch who talk research, sports, and whatever princess-world ideas that their 5 year-old brings up.


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