Why so cryptic? A hashtag for a title? Ughhhh!

Ok, I feel you, I would probably be saying the same thing, except I really want to get this message out and to make sure that you know that hashtag as it could win you a pretty cool experience.

In my daily work as the Executive Director of SynerVision Leadership Foundation I get to meet some amazing people and regularly come across really awesome material. A few months back in reading a blog, I came across Maddie Grant and then later her co-author, Jamie Notter. Not only are they authors, but this dynamic duo serves as the co-founders of Culture that Works, on top of amazing work that they do as consultants, convention speakers, and general authorities on topics as exciting and varied as leadership, nonprofits, social media, new work, and the like.

Why should you care? Because I want you to join me in learning more about what they have found will occur in our organizations “When Millennials Take Over” (which just happens to be the title of their newest book). They will be appearing on an episode of The Nonprofit Exchange, the weekly nonprofit series that I host, on Tuesday, February 17th. During that episode we will be announcing the winners of a contest that they are co-sponsoring with SynerVision Leadership Foundation (you can read the details here).

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to engage with these wonderful authors and a chance to win an autographed copy of their new book, a hangout with the authors, a free copy of the upcoming magazine issue by SynerVision Leadership Foundation on Millennials in the Nonprofit World, and a 3-month premium membership to the SynerVision website.

So start tweeting – what do you think will happen when millennials take over? Be sure to use the hashtag #WMTOonTNE so that you can win!

The Nonprofit Exchange (4)

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