¡Viva la (Co-Working) Revolución!

I will admit it, I have caught the bug. I didn’t get sick, or become an Apple fanatic, or start playing Candy Crush, or any of the other fads that are making the rounds today. I have become a believer in Co-working spaces.

Oh, you don’t know anything about co-working spaces? Check this video out – we will wait for you.

Yep. So that is co-working. Seems like a great fit for a website that is devoted to teamwork, right? As the video points out, these spaces are growing. Why? They are growing because as humans we were meant to be in community. With an estimated 30% of the population moving into some form of independent work (freelance, full-time, side-hustle, affiliate, etc.) situation, the co-working spaces are meeting the needs that we have for interaction, collaboration, and connection.

Beyond the value of community aspect of the co-working space, they have a lot of other advantages. If the competing framework is working from home (which can sometimes lead to isolation), or getting an expensive office space, co-working provides a better alternative for individuals looking for a place that is conducive to work, engage clients, and grow their businesses. The growth of co-working spaces will likely continue over the foreseeable future as continued recognition of the benefits of diversified and remote working flourishes.

We would love to hear from you! Are you a co-worker? Interested in this model? Want to be an investor?

What do you think?

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