Why sometimes it takes pain to remember

So I understand that consistency is the key to blogging (and most anything that you do), but an interesting pain turned out to be a blessing for me last week. I was on a long overdue, and very much needed vacation with my family on the Outer Banks in North Carolina when the resort that we were staying at charged an arm and a leg for wifi. I was faced with a dilemma. I had brought my trusty (well, maybe that is an overstatement) laptop with me, had some good source material for research, and fully planned to blog each day holding to my plan. But I also tend to the thrifty side. So I balked at their price, never unpacked my laptop or many of the books I brought with me, and just enjoyed my time with family.


What a weird concept! An actual vacation from work! This was the first time in many years I had done such a thing. Not a working vacation, not a trip to go speak or present somewhere, an actual vacation. And as hard as it was at first to cope with the idea of not having blazing wifi to do all of my normal tech-heavy functions, by mid-week I was downright liberated.

Today when I actually got down to really checking my email after the long break, I came across an email in which a friend mentioned a video that was quite powerful and challenging. So I watched, and I realized how often I am guilty of exactly the issue that he speaks of. Check this video out now.

So, my lesson learned from this vacation and video is that life must be lived, not virtually but in person – real people!

How might you alter your daily routines to actually engage the people that surround you, rather than simply living through the virtual setting of the Internet?

What do you think?

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