Your help is needed!

While the name on the site is teamworkdoc, this site is really more about us than it is about me. Every day when I sit down to write, I think about what can truly bring impact to your life. While the process of writing is a positive way for me to get the research, books, blogs, conferences, and presentations to codify into a clear line of thinking, ultimately the only reason for this site is the desire to engage people in an ongoing pursuit of excellence.

So, after almost ten days in on the fun, I want to flip the script a bit. Rather than me pretending to be the sage with all of the great thoughts, I thought it would be beneficial as we chart the course, to ask you some questions (please answer in the space below).


1)      Of the blogs that you read, what type of content generally brings the most benefit to you?

2)      Do you prefer just the written word, or a combination of type, video, and images?

3)      Have you ever offered to be a guest blogger for a site? Would that interest you here?

4)      How much time are you willing to set aside when you read a blog?

5)      What one topic do you most want to see addressed here on teamworkdoc?


Thanks! I hope to stir up some discussion and co-create a space that challenges each one us as we move forward in our journey!


2 thoughts on “Your help is needed!

  1. 1. I read blogs sporadically. I read them when the title is something that interests me or it is written by someone I know and love. Therefore the content that benefits me the most is something to do with either my spiritual walk or my daily life as a wife, mom, teacher. If it doesn’t fall into one of those categories, I generally don’t read it.

    2. For me, I prefer the written word. An accent picture or a video is a nice touch, but not more than one.

    3. I’ve never offered, never thought about it and never been asked. However, now that I’ve been asked, I would consider being a guest blogger if the topic was something I’ve had experience with or something I actually know about.

    4. I will set aside the time it takes to finish the article. If the article gets too long or loses my attention, then, I’m out. But I like to finish what I start.

    5. I have no idea. I’m not sure what this is all about in the first place. I’m here because……see answer number one, sentence two. 🙂

    • Donna:

      Great responses! The truth is, in situations like this people come to a blog for a number of reasons, and you have identified one that is vital. You come because I ask – and surprisingly enough, you like me – you really do!

      Glad to have you here as a reader, and a willing guest-blogger down the line!


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