Know yourself. It’s a must!


I am attracted to books, presentations, research, and ideas that deal with self-knowledge (obviously looking at my bookshelves this isn’t the only topic I am attracted to, but that is for another post). I love books about how the mind works (see Brain Rules), I love thinking about how talent is formed and functions (see The Talent Code and StrengthsFinder), I love the discussion of vulnerability (see Brene Brown – TED Talk), I love the discussion of appreciating grace (see The Ragamuffin Gospel) and so many other pieces of work that cause me to be introspective, and challenge my personal status-quo.

The reality is though, all of the reading in the world doesn’t make me know myself. The only way to know yourself is to truly dig in with the hard questions and sadly, these questions are usually only asked in the painful times. When we grieve – we ask “what lies beyond the present?” When we fail – we ask “what am I really good at?” When we face rejection – we ask “who really accepts me?” It is through these moments of self-discovery and digging in with helpful guides to ask about your fears, talents, joys, passions, and dreams that we begin to know ourselves.

Why don’t you take the step in the self-discovery journey today and find some time to sit and think. What is it that drives you? Money? Success? Acceptance? Validation? Love? Fulfillment? Fear? What do you do well? What makes you content (not just happy)? Where do you find your joy and peace? When you begin to ask these tough questi
ons, you will better understand yourself.

What do you think?

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